Closing the Bones & Befriending the Mother

Closing of the Bones & Befriending the Mother rite

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From six weeks postpartum onwards, it is possible for the new mother to have a ‘Closing of the Bones Ceremony’, specifically designed to help 'close' the new mother energetically after pregnancy and the intense process of labor.

The ceremony..

  • Aims to support your process of transitioning into motherhood and starting to discover your identity as a mother.

  • Creates space for your particular ‘cocktail of emotions’ whether joy, sadness, anger, jubilance, rage, ambivalence, gratefulness, or indeed other.

  • Can be used to mark -or ‘close’ and leave ‘behind’- that which has been and start gently moving ‘forward’ with intention and direction. (As such this ceremony can also be carried out at other times in one’s life, when moving through significant liminal spaces).

  • Can be used to acknowledge, honor, explore, or simply ‘sit with’ your maternal experience and emotions in a safe space, and in a grounded manner, whilst being guided by doula Marlies and doula Deirdre  who are used to working together in a deep profound way. After years of experiencing, research and inner growth we have created a transformational ceremony or ritual.

  • Lasts approximately 3 hours (from your arrival to being ready to go home again).

  • Is not a replacement for professional mental health care, though it can touch deep feelings, trauma or other processes. As professional doulas we have a duty of care to your well-being at all times and offer trauma informed care. Hence before booking this service, we always schedule a consultation with you to map your pregnancy- / labor-/ birth- / postpartum- experience, and your motivation and intention before booking the ceremony. 


The first part of the practice gently maps that 'what is’. It consists of birth-story listening, herbal bath, specially brewed tea that brings warmth into the mother’s body, and very importantly: the setting of intentions.

In the second part of the practice begins the ‘journeying in’. It consists of a massage and the ‘closing of the bones’ rite, during which your entire body is gently, yet firmly, wrapped in traditional cloths. Together with the other parts, this part of the practice is designed to help the mother energetically ‘close’ and mark the end of her childbearing year. During this second stage of the practice, we drum for you, and guide you on a journey.

The third part of the practice begins the process of ‘journeying out’ and ‘opening up’ towards your set intention with compassion and commitment.  

Lastly, we end with some light snacks and drinks to end our session together and bring energy into your body.

*The firm wrapping is rooted in old traditions practiced amongst women postpartum around the world (old Western Europe, Russia, Mexico, Morocco).  In this ceremony we work with several traditional rebozo's. I have trained with Naoli Vinaver, a traditional mexican midwife and we both have worked with the Rebozo with integrity and respect. We integrated the use of the Rebozo in our Birthwork for over 11 years.



De kosten voor de hele sessie bedragen € 300

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